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Something For Everyone

CraveFit with Tiffany is your #1 stop for all your fitness Needs. I made sure to have something for everyone.


Dance2Fit with Tiffany is a great way for you to lose weight and feel great while dancing! We all love to dance, right? So, let's start a healthier lifestyle, now. 

It does not matter if you have two left feet, have never danced before or just don't think that you can handle a Dance2Fit class. All that matters is you decide to make a difference in yourself! Don't worry if you have a harder time learning the routines... Practice is part of the workout! 


My rules for the class are simple!! 

* No Judging others - we are all here to achieve the same outcome! 

* No comparing yourself to anyone else 

* Have FUN 

* Let Loose 

* Dance to your own rhythm - * Modify the moves if you need to, work your intensity level up as you feel comfortable. 


More Classes to help you get in Shape 


Hiit is a high intensity interval training class that is 30 minutes long. We do 9 different moves and repeat them 6 times. We work along with a tabata timer.


I am so proud of this class because I created it from the ground up. In class we are working to engage those tiny muscle groups and toning and sculpting your whole body. 
This class is 30 minutes.


60 minute Cardio Boxing Class, Full body with fun choreography.



60 minute of trampoline fun, full body workout, time flies by while having fun working out.



30-40 minute weight training class with a fun twist, work on your strength.



30-40 minute of rockstar fun. Grab a set of drumsticks and come enjoy your workout.


I strive to offer a variety of classes for all fitness levels. Come join us  







We all Start Somewhere 
The start of my journey 

June 2022

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